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Fostex Fullrange Drivers



We are the specialists in Fostex full range single drivers. Having brought them in since 199x, our range has slowly grown and we now have quite a selection for even the most demanding speaker builder. We also build customised speakers using Fostex drivers.

The Fostex drivers are full range single drivers from Japan. They are crossover less and are coherent, musical and transparent. We have built them in both Taper Quarter Wave Tube (TQWT) cabinets and also open baffle. Drop by and listen to them. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Fostex Speakers

Prebuilt FE103E - also available as a kit set

FE103 in foreground, F200A in background
foreground: FE103E in real wood laminate, background: F200A

The FE103E is the end result of constant tweaking. This is a speaker that has dynamics and bass that sounded huge, though not comparable to those 15" units, but double bass is prominent and deep enough to be felt. Midrange is very addictive. It's love at first sound. Highs are smooth and refined. It has speed and transients (a bonus of being crossover less) that are affirmed when playing drum pieces.

Recommended for


Before starting on the cabinet, I did some research and ended up with three options of building the cabinet. Either TQWT, back loaded horn ala Fostex recommendations or a bookshelf design.

My experience of a commercial Voigt pipe designed speaker (forgot the brand) at the Hi-Fi show at Le Meridien Singapore, was really positive. Most impressed with the big sound and proper bass decay. Imaging was excellent. You can feel the presence of the singer right in front of you. Also, the sheer speed and dynamics really caught my attention.

Why Marine Plywood?

Many articles found in Fostex building handbooks by the Japanese gurus recommended plywood as the best cabinet material. Ordinary plywood is commonly used in the construction industry locally. MDF is also commonly found, but I find MDF cabinets too dead sounding. Marine plywood is chemically treated and is much denser than ordinary untreated plywood.

Nelson Pass, the Pass Labs designer, concurred that plywood is indeed livelier when used in cabinets. This set the stage for my cabinet building. Also, tweaking with acoustic foam to remove boxiness and standing wave of the cabinet can be done. Timbre reproduced in plywood cabinets with a full range driver does sound more natural.

FE103E phase plug

The phase plug is made of exotic coco bolo hard wood from South America. Installation of the phase plug to our Fostex FE103E speakers gives a reduction of high frequency peaks in music playback.

Our numerous A/B comparisons always favour the speakers with phase plugs.

coco bolo phase plug
coco bolo hardwood phase plug for Fostex FE103E driver